I have a stereo for a brain. Turns out life is better with a soundtrack. Feel free to fiddle with my antenna and dials. Also, I write stuff.

Twitter - These are the things that I tweet when I should be working.

Music Posts - The soundtrack to my failure. Listen to what's been playing in The Tape Deck.

Stereo Stories - The worst short stories you will ever waste your time reading.

Galifianakattack - Zach Galifianakis happens when you least expect him.

The Listing - A list of lists that I make. I like lists. Lists.

Coke Bombings - Coke bombing: It's a thing.

Blip - These are the songs that I listen to when I'm ignoring you.

My Ask Hole - This is where I do or don't answer questions sent directly to my Tumblr

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The Tape Deck